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A Wide Selection of Pets and Animal Supplies

At Pets Plus, our locations have a variety of traditional and exotic pets at competitive prices. Our fish, birds, reptiles, and other small animals make great pets for people who have allergies to pet dander or prefer something out of the ordinary. We also have a large inventory of pet supplies, so you can find everything you need in one place.

Our Collection of Live Animals

We take pride in offering a selection of healthy animals. We keep pets at our Tewksbury, MA and Londonderry, NH locations. In general, the following pets are available at each store:

- Saltwater fish: Whether you're getting started with your first fish tank or are a long-time hobbyist looking for a unique showpiece, we'll have something for you. We go to great lengths to ensure that our tropical fish are of the highest quality. We work with vendors from around the world to bring in healthy, well-acclimated fish each week. Our state-of-the-art filtration systems and high standards for water quality ensure a stress-free environment and make for the smoothest possible transition from the ocean to your home.

- Saltwater invertebrates: Along with saltwater fish, we also sell saltwater invertebrates, such as starfish, sea urchins, sea anemones, and shrimp, to add a distinctive accent to any tank. These critters sell out quickly, but we offer special orders on invertebrates and other aquarium animals.

- Freshwater fish: For those who prefer freshwater tanks, our fish selection does not disappoint. We receive different species every week, and the care we take in maintaining water quality, acclimating our fish, and ensuring their health has earned us a favorable reputation among local pet owners. Our freshwater fish are ready to thrive in your home aquarium, and we offer a seven-day guarantee on many species.

- Small animals: We carry an assortment of small animals, and most of them are supplied by local breeders. These animals are exceptionally healthy and make great companions.

- Reptiles: In addition to our extensive supply of fish and other small animals, we carry an eclectic assortment of cold-blooded creatures, most of which are captive-bred. These animals are a fascinating addition to any household.

- Hermit crabs: Our colorful collection of hermit crabs features crustaceans of many shell shapes and sizes. These prehistoric creatures can live for up to 30 years and make excellent low-maintenance pets.

- Birds: Our reputation for friendly birds is growing quickly. We carry a variety of birds, including canaries, parakeets, finches, cockatoos, and macaws. All of our birds receive playtime. If you visit one of our locations, you might see the birds interact with each other, our customers, and our employees.

If you are looking for a critter that isn't currently available, please let us know, and we will do our absolute best to find you the perfect pet.

Our Animal Supplies

- Sustainability: To provide our customers with healthy, well-adjusted fish and help preserve the world's reefs, Pets Plus carries a wide selection of aquacultured and tank-raised saltwater fish. These fish are 100% bred and raised in captivity, which offers numerous environmental benefits over wild-caught fish. We now work with several aquaculture facilities, and our selection of tank-raised fish is constantly growing.

- Live feeders: Got critters that eat critters? We've got you covered. We sell live and frozen rodents, crickets, bait, and a large selection of other worms.

- Special orders: Are you looking for something truly unique in your search for animals or pet supplies, like a rare fish species or a centerpiece for an existing reef? Just call or stop by, and we can special order it for you.

Pets Plus has been providing local pet owners with quality animal supplies for decades. We care about keeping your pets healthy as much as you do. Our knowledgeable staff can make recommendations, answer questions, and place orders for your furry, scaled, and feathered friends. To learn more about our animals and pet supplies, call 978-658-0860 or contact us online.


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*All animal special orders are subject to availability and a deposit must be made before we order it.