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About Us

Helping pet owners across New England keep their pets
happy and healthy

At Pets Plus, we offer unrivaled pet care expertise, because our staff members are pet owners themselves. For more than 20 years, we’ve been keeping a close eye on the pet food industry to determine which foods are healthiest for which types of pets. This means monitoring the ever-changing ingredients in your pets’ foods and knowing which breeds require specific nutrients for optimal health.

While it’s best to take sick or injured pets to the vet, some minor maladies can be alleviated using products from our store. If you can describe your pets’ condition or ailment to us, we’ll attempt to provide advice and make product recommendations to remedy the issue. From sick geckos to cats with urinary conditions, we can advise the use of any healing supplements and treatments for an array of common conditions.

If your fish are suffering from bacterial or fungal infections due to contaminated water or other causes, we have powder treatments that will make your fish and tank’s water healthy again. Other conditions like ick are easily brought home from the fish store hosted by feeder fish, plants, or other means. We carry drops for the treatment of Ick or Ich.

We will gladly accept special orders on anything you may need or want. We deal with many distributors and have lots of experience locating those hard-to-find items! Between the Londonderry, NH and Tewksbury, MA Pets Plus locations, we receive more than 20 deliveries weekly!
That’s lots of stuff!

Tewksbury customers contact us at 978-658-0860 to order great products for your pets today
Londonderry customers contact us at 603-425-2738 to order great products for your pets today