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Providing premium pet food & more

Because a healthy pet is a happy pet!

Here at Pets Plus, we offer a huge selection of all-natural, holistic dog and cat foods, as well as premium dog and cat treats, toys, supplements, and other supplies.

We're your source for food and all supplies for your pets from dogs and cats to birds and lizards and everything in between!

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Come see us for all of your pet’s nutritional needs. We offer many non-prescription foods and supplements which can remedy many of your dog’s health and behavioral issues. Our knowledgeable staff and excellent selection of treatment products make it possible for your pet to lead a happy and naturally healthy life, while saving you costly vet visits!

We also offer a wide variety of tropical fish, marine fish, and inverts as well as all the necessary supplies to help you maintain a successful aquarium or reef! We have a great selection of hard-to-find tropical, marine, and cichlid fish and we will do in-store special orders on tropical and marine fish. We receive multiple orders every week!

Don’t forget the other feathery, furry, and scaly pets we offer like hand-fed baby birds, exotic small animals, reptiles, amphibians, and many other fun pets! Again, we carry all of their supplies as well. Our knowledgeable, friendly, and qualified staff gives great care to all the available animals, and they will be more than happy to assist you in purchasing the ideal products for your pets.

We stand behind our product recommendations with a 100% money-back guarantee! Call or stop by today to see what’s available!

Brands of Dog Food

  • Artemis
  • Pioneer
  • Great Life
  • Fromm
  • Blue Buffalo
  • Orijen
  • Taste Of The Wild
  • Weruva
  • Vital Essentials


  1. Friendly Service and Staff – we go the extra mile to do thorough follow-ups and give you personalized attention.
  2. We stock the best natural brands to keep all your pets happy and healthy, including Artemis, Pioneer, Great Life, Fromm, Blue Buffalo, Orijen, Taste Of The Wild, Weruva, and Vital Essentials.
  3. Any questions about pet care and nutrition will have an answer. Our staff have many years of experience and training in the pet food industry – to recommend the most practical solutions for your pet.

We are constantly paying attention to your pet’s food ingredients as well as any company mergers or plans to change formulas. This helps us stay on top of any possible pet food ingredient or processing changes.

We have more than 20 years in super-premium pet food experience and have seen many changes in pet foods and their marketing strategies over the years.

Beware of pet food advertisements; they are not as accurate as we would hope.

Pets & Pet Services

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We sell aquariums of many sizes for both saltwater and freshwater fish. We also carry all of the features you need to decorate and personalize your fish tank like rocks, plants, coral, and other underwater treasures!

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Terrariums &

We have terrariums and cages for small animals, reptiles, and amphibians. We also have all of the required accessories like bedding, water dishes and bottles, salt wheels, hamster wheels, and many other toys!

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Our bountiful selection of furry, four-legged companions features many favorites like guinea pigs, ferrets, gerbils, chinchillas, hamsters, rabbits, and many more. Availability varies by breeders’ schedules!

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pet store manchester nh


At Pets Plus, we focus on animal nutrition and carry many healthy alternatives to Iams, Eukenuba, Science Diet, and more.

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